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Do you own a business?   Do you offer services such as web design, consultation, home maintenance or renovation services in the Owasso area?  Individuals and small business owners are searching our directory every day, searching for services just like yours.  Reach more potential customers with a listing in our business directory. 
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To help add some really cool features to this directory, we’re offering a promotion.

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Can I post my listing in more than one category?

You sure can!  As of right now there is no limit. In the Business Category field, just keep clicking on each category your business fits into.

Can I update my listing?

You sure can!  First you need to register and be associated with a business listing.  After that, anytime you need to make an update, just go to My Account > Manage Your Listing.

How do I add photos to my listing?

When listing your business you will have the opportunity to upload an image then.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Initially PayPal via QuickBooks online will serve as our payment gateway.  Eventually, we’ll switch over to direct payment online with PayPal.

How will people find my listing?

We will have a presence on Google & Bing.  Advertisement via Facebook & Instagram will also be managed by Moore Tech Designs.  Sharing the news of this site by you, will also help!